Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Canadian Car Buil in 1867

I have found another photo in the book called The Book of Fantastic Cars by Peter Hutton and Nicholas de Vere published in 1974 of the first auto (horseless carriage) built in Canada by jeweller and inventor Henry Seth Taylor in 1867 in Stanstead near Sherbrooke Quebec. The auto was on display at the Montreal Auto Show in January of last year and my son took a photo of me next to the rebuilt car. More photos can be seen in my album no. 33. Verdun played a part in the history of the automobile as Ucal Henri Dandurand, a well known business man and councillor in Verdun was the first to own an automobile in Montreal and Verdun in 1899 as he owned a property on LaSalle boulevard then called Lower Lachine Road and there is a photo of him and his car in front of his home wich burned down in october 1901. I am still trying to find out where exactly his home was situated but I suspect it was close to Church on the south side of LaSalle (river).



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