Saturday, July 9, 2011

Canadian Pacific Railway celebrates Vancouver's 125 Anniversary

                                       To help celebrate our shared history, Canadian Pacific is a Signature Supporter of Vancouver 125.

History of Port Metro Vancouver

Port Metro Vancouver congratulates the City of Vancouver on its 125th anniversary! Vancouver and the Port share a rich history, dating back to 1864, when the first export cargo of lumber sailed to Australia on the Ellen Lewis, marking the beginning of international trade. Shortly after in 1886, the City of Vancouver was incorporated, with the first train arriving in Port Moody that same year. Today, Port Metro Vancouver is the largest and busiest port in Canada, trading $75 billion in goods with more than 160 trading economies each year. The Port is also committed to supporting the social and environmental aspirations of the communities it serves.


Les F said...

CPR is often forgotten in it's contribution to building this Country,we all tend to remember CNR quickly due to all the people we knew who worked for them in the Point Yards, etc etc ....but the Angus shops were in Montreal for a long long time& regardless of which railway,they have to be remembered for developing this country we know as all the great building arond the country Quebec City,Ottawa , Montreal, Toronto ,Chateau Lake Louise in Banff Alta,right in the scenic Rockies,and of course Vancouver as well as the Emperess Hotel in Victoria....all beautful buildings & built to last,.they are all part of the Fairmount Chain of Hotels now,but were built by the CPR

Les F said...

Here is a slide show from an album on my site re: CPR buildings etc .maybe you will find it interesting.

Diane Roberts said...

Is this photo a building in Vancouver? I've never seen it before...Diane

Les F said...

I think you are referring to the old CPR Station (Waterfront Station) if so I believe they tore it down or built around it,and as I understand it,this place is now where the 'seabus' to the north shore ,Lonsdale Quay, too bad such a great old building,but hey 'progress & all that'
here in this video the very first building you see is the old waterfront CPR Stn.