Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grateful Actor Appreciates Montreal Doctors

From property in the Laurentians to Montreal doctors ,it seems Michael Douglas appreciates both,,,,,,,,,,,,more so the latter.He is very grateful and wants to give back a bit to help with cancer research: by way of a fundraiser.

        It was his idea.

Michael Douglas was so grateful for the swift diagnosis of throat cancer he got in Montreal last August he offered to be the guest of honour at a fundraiser for throat and neck cancers.

On May 3, he will mingle with folks at Le Windsor, pose for pictures and offer up two foursomes of golf, one with him and one with the missus, Catherine Zeta Jones, at auction.

“He plays his way around the course, he’s about a 10 or a 12 handicap,” said golf pro Christopher Bradburn, who has had occasion to hit the links with Douglas at Le MaĆ®tre, a private club at Mont Tremblant.

The Montreal medical connection for the Oscar winner all boils down to place and time.

Douglas owns a stupendous country home on Lac Desmarais, close to Tremblant. He spends weeks at a time in his Laurentian hideaway, with his family, where no one bothers him when he goes out to dinner at Milly’s Restaurant or plays golf at the local courses.

Last summer while up north he was complaining of recurring throat and ear pain. His physician in New York contacted a colleague at the Jewish General Hospital and suggested Douglas go see him

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