Friday, April 1, 2011

Ever heard the phrase "You Lucky Dog" ......Well it Doesn't Apply More Than This

                       TOKYO - A dog that survived in a house swept away to sea three weeks ago by the devastating Japan tsunami was saved on Friday by a coast guard rescue team flying over an island of debris.

Local television showed an aerial view of a brown medium-sized dog trotting around the roof of the house — the only part of it floating above water — before disappearing inside through a broken section of the roof.

The coast guard rescuers, thinking there might also be people alive inside the house, lowered one of their team onto the roof. He tried to coax the dog out, but then went in after tearing a wider opening. He came out with the dog in his arms and they were transported back to safety by boat.

........................still finding survivors is a good thing, however I think Japan is in for some tough times to come,if they don't get those nuclear plants under control......


Les F said...

Here is another example of a dog's loyalty ,.he won't leave his injured buddy by himself: Amazing

Les F said...

same dog story but in english via an american news broadcast:

Sandra macDonald said...

Wow what a touching story. I didn't know dogs could be so loyal to each other.
such a lovely story amongst the horrid loss.

Les F said...

We (the rest of the world) cannot possibly understand regardless of how many films & photo's we see,just how much loss there really is......Unimaginable. It's hard to fathom one house floating down a street,never mind complete city's along with ships,and every concievable thing we can think of, being destroyed in an instant....... not to mention the families.
So it is good to hear a goodnews story,..... HF&RV