Thursday, March 24, 2011

Verdun Tourist Camp

I have found where the Verdun Tourist Camp was situated, it was situated at the Corner of Wellington and River wich is now Henri Duhamel street. The following photo was an ad that appeared in the Guardian of 1929 wich was the year that newspaper was founded, as a matter of a fact we have a part of the first edition in our archives (SHGV). I posted this photo in the MVC on the 30th of january 2009. Imagine a camping ground in Verdun, with running water and lavatories in every cabin, isn't that something ?

 This is the photo that Les posted this morning wich triggered my brain and helped me find the connection:




Les F said...

DIXON:~ At the Royal Victoria Hospital on Tuesday,September 9th,1947,
William Garnett Allan Dixon (formerly Victory Rink and Verdun Tourist Camp), husband of the late Katie Gibson Davis,aged 72 years. Funeral Friday,September 12th, at 2 p.m. from the Chapel of J.W.McGillivray 3067 Wellington Steet, to Mount Rotal Cemetary.

This is the only referance I could find in the Montreal Gazette archives, a Death Notice , the obit of William Garnett Allan Dixon ------ it seems to link him to the Verdun Tourist Camp , I wonder if he owned it ? Obviously I typed out the obit to make it easier to read,when you click on the link you will have to scroll down a few names to get to Dixon.
Anyway there is my measly contribution to the Verdun Tourist Camp .....
....... I have an urge to say Trap,.it just seems to roll off the tongue better, what do you think ?
"Verdun Tourist (Trap) or Camp, decide,........hahahahah Cheers !! HF&RV
.....and RIP to old Willy Dixon while were at it.

Guy Billard said...

I have now added the photos of the Verdun Tourist Camp to my new Miscellanious album no. 54.