Thursday, March 10, 2011

Torchy Wharf


I'm looking for a map showing where the Torchy wharf was situated. Can you jelp me ?.



Les F said...

Guy I will try to find you a map, however Here is some information on Torchy Wharf when it was sold to the City of Verdun,after the ferry that used it was destroyrd by fire ( probably 'financial combustion)
Torchy Wharf situated at the foot of Riverview,..also Guy I seem to remember there being another one of the famous Verdun Redtops close to Torchy Wharf...
I would imagine that that area has long since been filled in,I doubt they would have made any attempt to remove the wharf, as it was a gigantic pile of concrete blocks ,& I seem to recall at some point they paved over the top. making it smoother. As for Verdun residents ,they used to fish off this wharf,& your spot only was had by attrition ,cause if you were fishing in someones spot , they merely told you to beat it,cause it was 'their' spot...........hahahahaha
Here's a link to a Gazette article about one of the local fisherman and his catching a 5lb pike at the start of the fishing season. Leo Noel ,this was from 1972
I will continue to search for a map for you...............Cheers !! HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

I forget who pĂ´sted this photo on the old site but it was mentioned that Torchy wharf was situated at the foot of Allard street, wich is one street west of Riverview. Of course the wharf may have been situated in between these 2 streets. That is why it would be nice to have a map showing exactly where the wharf was situated.

Les F said...

That photo was posted by dcdave, or something like that, it was his Dad's car, I looked for the old post in our archives,However that is a more daunting task than you would think. If you look at the 'Redtop' in the top left of this picture you can see the Redtop I was mentioning, & that would be very easy to find along the boardwalk,the photo is looking towards Montreal (whatever direction we want to call that, ;;let's pretend East) ........and so you can readily find on any Verdun map almost exactly where the wharf is,....and since I have not come across any articles referring to it being anywhere but the foot of Riverview, then I would call that close enough.... not one Gazette article I read today suggested any other street,.......
ps: I had once thought that this photo of Dave's Dad's car was posted by Dave Flood or dlood ,but I asked and that was deemed incorrect by him, so today while searching much of Verdun Connections archived topics, I came across the name of an old member named until I see otherwise I have to think that perhaps it was he who posted that photo, The trouble is that the picture may have been inserted in any thread,and not one named Torchy Wharf ( which is what I looked for first)
...................................................................Cheers !! HF&RV

robert jomphe said...

That is exactly where I remember it being. Today the red top is not very red. You can still get ice cream across Lasalle?Verdun but it's not tasty freeze anymore. The new aluminium wharf is much further along closer to the pool and the old shit pipe.