Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Canadian War Industry


Valentine tanks on flatbeds for shipment to Russia. Nov. 1941, Montréal, Quebec.
The Canadian government took full control of the economy, and turned it into a war-winning weapon.
During the Second World War, Canadian industries manufactured war materials and other supplies for Canada, the United States, Britain, and other Allied countries. The total value of Canadian war production was almost $10 billion - approximately $100 billion in today’s dollars.
The Canadian contribution began early and made a crucial difference to the winning of the war. For a nation of 11 million people it was an incredible accomplishment.
Canadian Production
Canadian industrial production during the Second World war.
  • 11 billion dollars of munitions
  • 1.7 million small arms
  • 43,000 heavy guns
  • 16,000 aircraft
  • 2 million tonnes of explosives
  • 815,000 military vehicles, 50,000 tanks and armoured gun carriers
  • 9,000 boats and ships
  • Anti-tank and field artillery
  • Naval guns
  • Small arms and automatic weapons
  • Radar sets and Electronics
  • Synthetic rubber
  • Uranium for the ’Manhattan Project’