Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nun's Island

Here are three more photos of Nun's Island showing the nun's residence and farm area. We never ventured to that part of the island and stuck to the western wooded part so that part was a mystery to us when growing up in Verdun.

The residence and farm area was concentrated situated at the south eastern part of the island

Another aerial view of nun's island showing the farmed eastern area of the island.

This is the "La Rotonde" wich was a stable from 1920 to become a horse riding school in 1969. 

I have added these photos to my album no. 36.



Les F said...

Two of those are new to me,I have seen one of them before,These are great,were there anymore in the book ? I'm sure you would have scanned them,but I thought I would ask, Great find Guy
Cheers HF&RV

Mary N said...

Great old photos! I've never seen these before and am too young to recall Nun's Island ever looking like this. You find the greatest old pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them with us all.

Guy Billard said...

Here is a slideshow on Nun's Island from my album no. 36.