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Norm Zubis (another Verdun Musician) ..a repost from 2004, originally posted by Arbutus (Gary Mace)

I must admit that I did not know Norm Zubis well but knew of him, he was from my era at VHS. Some time ago on this Board or another someone requested info about Norm. Thus after searching the Web found a website with info about Norm and his music and I got in touch with Chris Gore. Chris being a good friend and fellow musician informed me that Norm Zubis died at age 52 of Lymphoma in, he thought, 1996. Norm apparently played music in a nightclub called, Upstairs, which was owned by Chris Gore.
"R.I.P." Norm - and for those of you who enjoy music check out the site it is mentioned in my post in Music Matters.
I have attached my email exchange with Chris Gore about Norm.
Regards all,
Gary Mace
Victoria, BC

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msn-maggiemck wrote on Oct 25, '04
Would you post the info that you know about Norm in the IN MEMORIUM list?
lesf wrote today at 4:29 PM
Arbutus posted this a long time ago 2004,...about Norm Zubis, a musician from Verdun. Today while surfing for Verdun/Montreal stuff ,to share here with you, I came across this old video ...I guess this is the same Norm Zubis ?

lesf wrote today at 4:31 PM
and here is another video, taken 3 years before he died.

lesf wrote today at 4:35 PM
Now Arbutus posted the initial info here & he is listed as a member of both the old MSN Verdun Connections and still is listed as a member here with us on Multiply,however I am not sure if he still reads the site......I think he mentioned to us ,that he is a music fan ( jazz, I think) so here you go Gary (Arbutus) some info on Norm Zubis from a site called Reverbnation: 
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Norman Zubis, Montreal jazz/blues pianist and vocalist until his passing in 1995. The recordings on this site were produced by Christopher Gore in 1989 at Studio Secret in Montreal with Daniel Lessard on bass, and Jeff Simons on drums. 
Norman is sadly missed, but his legacy lives on in his music and many fond memories. 
Please check back as this site is updated with photos, videos and bio information.
........................................................................................Cheers !! HF&RV

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