Saturday, October 9, 2010

"You say it's your birthday" would be 70 today

                                   41 years ago (shhhhhh ,don't tell Glenn),  John Lennon & Yoko Ono ,staged their bed-in for peace in the Queen Elizabeth Hotel,.....little did he know he would live only 11 more years & be murdered in NYC ......  John Lennon would have been 70 years old today...Happy Birthday John.



Les F said...

Last year the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts had an exhibition to celebrate the Bed-In for Peace in 1969 at the Queen E.
suffice it to say that was a long time ago (you do the math)-lol

Les F said...

Imagine ------John Lennon

say what you will,he was a good musician..........Cheers !! HF&RV

Les F said...

Working Class Hero :

Cheers !! -HF&RV-

Les F said...

HOMELAND SECURITY Keeping us all Safe (continuing on where ladyboy J.Edgar Hoover left off) hahahahaha , this stupidity:

A set of John Lennon's fingerprints that were due for auction has been seized by the FBI from a memorabilia shop in New York, a media report.

The agents from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security raided the shop in Manhattan Wednesday, the Independent reported on its website.

The signed fingerprint card, made at a police station May 8, 1976, when singer Lennon was applying for citizenship, was part of a Gotta Have It! auction of 850 lots, including Lennon and McCartney's earliest known signatures and a handwritten set list, including Stuart Sutcliffe, the Beatles' original bass player.

But the fingerprints, for which a minimum bid of $100,000 had been set, were to have been the highlight of the sale, which will mark what would have been Lennon's 70th birthday.

"We now have 849 lots," the shop's owner, Peter Siegel, said last night. "The whole thing is weird, very odd."

Siegel explained that the card was being sold on behalf of a private collector, a former concert promoter who had bought it at a Beatles convention about two decades ago.

"He bought it legally. We spoke to him yesterday (Thursday). He will try and get it back but I don't think he will have much luck," the shop owner said.

Lennon was under FBI surveillance in the early 1970s for anti-war activism, but that ended with the J. Edgar Hoover era in 1972.

As the card seized Wednesday, there was speculation that the FBI simply wanted to know how government property had fallen into private ownership.

James Margolin, a spokesman for the agency, said the FBI was investigating how the item "came to be up for auction".

According to the New York Times, Leon Wildes, Lennon's immigration lawyer in the 1970s, offered a theory about the document's provenance.

He said that during the summer of 1976, he happened to have some of Lennon's paperwork with him, including a fingerprint form, while he was making a television appearance.

"When I returned from New York, it turned out it was missing," he said. "I was very upset. We called about it, and nobody seemed to know where it was."

Siegel pointed out that this was not the first time a Lennon fingerprint card had been sold. In 1991 Sotheby's auctioned a similar one for $4,125 without any fuss.

Cheers HF&RV

Les F said...

The FBI is 'wondering ' how Govt' documents could fall into private hands.....Hmmmmmm these guys haven't paid attention too much have they , every so called secret they have tried to keep from the A-Bomb to Moon Landing .has fallen into other peoples hands....For cripes sake they should turn over Homeland Security (sounds a little 3 reich -ish doesn't turn it over to the Colonel ,no one knows what his secret recipe is yet...........hahahahah or Coca-Cola they've kept their formula a secret too for near a 100 and these fools keeping us all safe ,(by making you remove your shoes at airports & having an & 8. dollar an hour security guard from a thrid world nation scan you with a wand---have you seen some of these people,we should be scanning them ) They (fbi)Had to hear a about a 'finger print ' on a website,.they didn't even know it was missing (for 2 decades) until some Inspector Clueso stumbled upon it while surfing the web at work...........hahahaha