Friday, October 8, 2010

Joseph Rielle, Mayor of Verdun 1904 -1905 has a descendant in Wayne Pa.

Joseph Rielle was mayor of Verdun in 1904 - 1905 and was a prominent land surveyor in Verdun/Montreal in that period. He also llived on Lower Lachine Road now LaSalle Blvd and his property was situated facing Rielle/Willibrod (the firestation is now situated there) as shown on the enclosed 1896 map wich also shows the newly built dike to retain the overflowing river wich flooded Verdun in the spring at that period. Joyce and Jamie Munroe 0f Wayne Pensylvania who viewed this information on this site where planning a trip to Montreal and suggested we meet me at the library of the SHGV since Jamie is a descendant of Rielle and inherited documents, photos and paintings wich they wanted to share with us. I greeted Joyce and Jamie at our premises in July and I was impressed by the documents that they showed me, particularly 2 of Joseph Rielle's note books written in his own handwriting. Some of the information from our archives also helped them in their research.



Les F said...

Well thank you Joyce & Jaime, glad you got to visit Guy in the SHGV,.and glad you visited Verdun Connections too! ......................Cheers !! HF&RV

Les F said...

guy if you are in email contact with the Munroe's, you can see if they would like to read this Gazette article ,.there are a few more if you want I can post them too. Have alook at these two for now,if you want.
----Cheers !! -HF&RV-

Les F said...

Here is a little more history telling of Mr Ogilvy (yes Ogilvy'sFlour Mill ) when he rented Joseph Rielle's House in Verdun ,to see whether he wanted to purchase some land of his own to build a summer home......You may find it interesting:

Les F said...

The Farine Five Roses sign soon to disapear from the Montreal landscape was once Ogilvy Flour
here's a shot from one of my photo albums,

Cheers !! HF&RV

Guy Billard said...

I have passed on your information to Joyce and Jamie Munroe. How can I make copies of those articles in the Gazette on Joseph Rielle so that I can add them to our archives.
Also, I am doing research on the Queen's Park velodrome as shown in my Album no 31 wich held the World's Meet bicycle races in 1899 in Verdun. Any information will be of great help.