Thursday, August 19, 2010

Verdun has another Rockabilly guitar player-----Gordie Sullivan

Gordie Sullivan

This page states that rockabilly singer Gordie Sullivan was born in the former city of Verdun, Quebec (a borough of Montreal these days)...and that's pretty much the sum total of what I know about him. However, one of his tracks appears on a compilation entitledEarly Canadian Rockers, which bolsters his case for Canadian citizenship a bit.

Gordie Sullivan Sings was LP # PL-3310 from Montreal's Plaza Records. There's no information regarding the release date or the members of Gordie's backing band, but the songwriters are identified on the label. "Ride On Josephine" and "40 Days" are spirited covers of songs originally by Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, respectively, while the finger-poppin' "Rocking Chair Mama" is a Sullivan original (the only one on the album, as it turns out). All three are belted out by Gordie in full-throated early rockin' style, without any trace of a Canadian accent, Quebecois or otherwis


Les F said...

Here's a rare oldie by Gordie Sullivan:


Guy Billard said...

I have now added Gordie Sullivan to my Album no. 53.


BB said...

Who's the other Verdun rockabilly singers?

Les_F said...

Good & Fair Question BB: My short answer is "I don't know" However I didn't post this topic originally way back when, but I do appreciate the feedback....... Cheers ! LesF