Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why Wait For Spring

Now I Remember Montreal & Verdun in particular ,as being a very clean city (cities)With the Verdun City workers taking to the streets, Brooms in hand to sweep away the winter's accumulation of sand & salt that gathered on the sidewalks, Every corner in the non-winters months had a wire mesh trash basket,attached to a pole with a small chain,more to keep it upright,rather than for safekeeping,but the City just seemed to be more well cared for in those days, I have been back to visit my old homestead many times over the years & I think it has suffered greatly in the Keep it Clean campaigns.Too bad ,the phot I've posted here shows as recently as 1971 Verdun at least would parade around town with this sign being towed by a City Truck, advising everyone that a "Clean City begins st Your Doorstep"
I think they were right,...........................HF&RV

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