Friday, January 15, 2010

Verdun Shooting

Hey ,great, just when we needed something to post, someone shoots someone in Verdun......How lucky can we get...............hahahahah 

Here's a news story that appears on the CJAD online page........

Verdun shooting

Fri, 2010-01-15 17:37.
Andrew Cartwright

Police have confirmed that a man was shot in Verdun earlier today.

The shooting took place at around 3:30pm on Moffat street.

He was shot in the leg and taken to hospital...his life is not in danger.

No arrests have been made as police continue to look for suspects.

     So what do you think the reason was ,Parking Spot ,.Girlfriend (wrong house) ,...shot in the leg,.Hmmmmm shot low ???   3:30pm ,  couldn't have been late for supper..........                                                    HF&RV


john allison said...

Should have come home at the time his mother told him to. That will teach the little buggar!!!!!! His mother probably didn't even wait till "Your father gets home!" threat!!!!! How things have changed from the good old days...

Tom q said...

I'd bet a Yankee dollar it was a drug deal. Sucker should have worn his Kevlar Underroos! Another street from the old neighbourhood to write off my list to visit when I "go home".

Linda Young said...

crazy in Verdun there was a shooting this past summer on my street 4th ave where kids were still playing on the sidewalk at 8:00 p.m.

Les F said...

I can remember a few incidents happenning on 6th avenue, on one of my treks back to the Motherland(that's Verdun to the rest of One Nut fired a round straight down the street off his front gallery,then some gal was walking down the street with no pants on.....hahahaha I don't know if she could wrestle, but I did see her (well it's an old joke..) but no kidding this dame was sailing up the street until an ambulance arrived & picked her up, I suppose it was off to the bugwing....(insert funny farm song..hahaha)
It sounds like ,although the really nice efforts to convert the waterfront to greener pastures, that Verdun & Montreal has not really changed,but rather has gotten worse ( as has many cities around the world these days,we have people in need of hospitalization,& meds..but they are not getting them....blah blah blah... but the young people getting shot, it's making the cities dangerous places to hang about.
I read of a lot of gang related activity all over the Island of Montreal,just yesterday or the day before,they found a body in a suitcase in Montreal ( and I doubt he climbed in their himself,& proceeded to beat himself to death) -although the cops did say they thought it was a suspicious death....(No shit Sherlock)..........yikes....... I hope it was a Samsonite Suitcase, they take a good beating apparently....anyway some nut gave himself up in Ottawa,& admitted to the deed. I doubt either of them were boy scouts ,so c'est le vie . (or in this case C'est le mort). HF&RV

Les F said...

Hi linnie721, here's the story re: the shooting in Verdun this past summer,8pm 4th & Wellington..
This would be very concerning for parents everywhere in Verdun,also being 4th & Wellington ,there would be usually plenty of people walking along Wellington St on a summer night.
Attempted murder in Verdun
Updated: Fri Jul. 10 2009 8:05:55 AM

A 24-year-old man is in critical but stable condition after a shooting Thursday night in Verdun.

Police say the man was shot in the upper body at 4th avenue and Wellington around 8 p.m..

Three people fled on foot, said Montreal police Const. Yannick Ouimet.

There were several witnesses.

No one has been arrested so far.

Les F said...

Now ,if ever there was a bum ,who deserved to be shot, it was this creep Richard Blass. Blass escaped from custody numerous times, & was not likely to even put up a fight with the cops,if & when he was next apprehended. He murdered some innocent people,while covering up a crime, so he's no Brother Andre,.....I found the story hilarious,when I lived in Montreal & read it in the newspaper.
The 'official police recount' was that while they entered Blass's hideout,(he was asleep Btw:with his girlfriend) Cops ordered her out of the room in the cabin they were in, and then ,they (the Police) said that Blass went for his gun ,.........Hmmmmm escaped numerous times before, has a group of cops enter his bedroom & he chooses this time to 'go for his gun' hahahahahahahah Have a look at this photo (which is the same one I saw years ago in the paper) Now you will notice that Blass lying on his 'back' ,with his pants undone & no shirt on, incidentally he's either filled with lead or he's doing his impressionm of 'Swiss Cheese' ...he's full of holes, & apprently he likes to walk backwards into his closet (to get his gun,or clothes) Well he's as dead as it gets,in this photo:

Now that will teach He's no loss to society that's for sure,but the Police Version is somewhat questionable....but that's the way business is done,Actually a few weeks before this ,one of Quebecs Top Cops ( he was called Quebec's Kojak) due to his appearance & he was a tough cop,who didn't sugarcoat anything (which made him likeable), He said ,when asked by the press,about how Blass got away just prior to Police arriving , "We'll get the Bum" ....hahahaha and so a couple of days/ weeks later old Mr Blass ,got his.
Does anyone Remember the cops name ,it was either Polish or Ukrainian sounding,.he was tough & good at what he did. Now without further adieu (sp?) here's the Air Conditioned Richard Blass

Good Riddance........................................HF&RV
ps: I would think if you tried to connect the dots on Blass , your pen would likely run out of

Les F said...

Ahh here is a shot of Quebec's one time TopCop,...Quebec's Kojak: Albert Lisacek (i'm not sure how to pronounce that name if it sounds like Lisachek, or Lisachak,.......or perhaps something entirely different ,as I do not know his origin: but he was a tough cop, and treated criminals like criminals,
this photo is of a long since retired Mr Lisacek:

I think he was turning 75 in 2008 ?? HF&RV
There are quite a few articles ,bearing Albert Lisacek's name if you search the Montreal Gazette newsppaer archives,(we posted the link last week).....