Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Verdun Memories,

Well as you know for over 8 years plus, we've been saving Verdun Memories in our own right,& had some fun doing it,(for the most part) .....and finding other sources was always a goal for us, so we could share other Verdun Memory's etc etc .....Guy Billard of course with his keen interest in Verdun History,has always been quick to share much of the material he has come across, Well here's a film and a site dedicated to preserving some of Verdun's Memories, too.   Guy did mention a few years back that he was going to the Dawson's Boy's Club one day to meet with some enthusiatic old time Verdun (er's or Verdunites), share some of the long Verdun History with each other,Guy appears in this film ,that is available on the same site. I think many of you will appreciate the film & the Verdun memories site too.......  Here's some of the things that appear on the site:




       .........but Really you should Visit the site: and explore it in detail,it's interesting,also you can acquire a copy of the film they made at Dawson's (featuring Mr Guy well) ..

                                     Have Fun & Remember Verdun

 ps:  We would certainly like to extend an Invitation to any of those Verdun Folk that participated in the Dawson's reunion Join us here at Verdun Connections if they like. Many of the photo's you will see on this site ,we have shared here for many many years ,& we would love to have your input & have you share your stories & photos with us too........                       


Les F said...

To save you a few steps you can click on this link & it should bring you directly to the Verdun Film that was made to document this History sharing evening,........

I will try to find the embedding code to post the complete film directly from here , if possible.
In the meantime I think you will enjoy the great job these people did in making this film..a Fine Job in Webdesign, by Nicole Periat ....... Visit their site,you won't be disappointed.. HF&RV

Les F said...

Here's what appeared in the Messenger back in March 2007 re: the Verdun Memories project....I do recal reading this ,probably as suggested by Guy Billard at that time ?

Verdun Memories» at DAWSON Centre
Dawson Community Centre (666 Woodland, Verdun) is offering a new series of free workshops for seniors entitled «Verdun-Memories». Through guided tours and talks led by Kathryn Harvey, historian and former resident of Verdun, the program seeks to encourage the exchange of stories about Verdun’s past. The next workshops will be: Thursday March 22, at 1:30 pm. Participate in the creation of a historical map of Verdun by sharing your memories and stories on Verdun. The next conference will be: Thursday March 29 at 1:30 pm. with professor Steven High of Concordia University. Free admission. For more information, please call Marc Paradis at (514) 767-9967.

Les F said...

Well to save any of you time ,in case you were interested in contacting the site through their address, it came back to me as Undeleverable ....I tried it using two separate email accounts, came back with the same message ,Delevery Staus Notification ( Failed)
Oh well in the big city I guess............................ HF&RV
Maybe Guy can enlighten us,with the wherabouts or the contact info for this site???

Guy Billard said...

I was aware of this film but this is the first time I hear about the verdun memories site as I lost contact with the group. Unfortunately,the group ended about 2 years ago so I am not surprised to hear that the e-mail address no longer exhists. Kathryn Harvey had many plans for the group such as the making of a quilt wich was completed and was to go on display at various societies. I was the only francophone in the group but Kathryn had me join due to my connection with the SHGV and with my mastery of the english language. The original group consisted of about 25 members and many dropped out but many are probably still attending the Dawson Community Center. I have circulated the verdun memories site with my contacts as it is well done and I have added it to my Favorites. Thanks for posting the information.

pauline garneau said...

Thanks You Dawson‘s Boys Club seniors for sharing your innovated project of recording your own stories and memories of growing up in Verdun. For all of us who grew up there it will always remain the City of Verdun.
And thanks to Verdun Connection for keeping this site as a work in progress of Verdun history.Pauline

Diane Roberts said...

Sure wish my french was 1/4 as good as your english Guy! I'm still plugging away at my computer course "Tell Me More" French. I think this will be my last attempt at the language after a lifetime of trying different courses, including Alliance Francaise here in Perth. Maybe I just need to go and live in some charming little village in France for several months, then surely I would master the language. Now if I could only convince Richard this would be a good idea!....Diane