Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Verdun City Hall


the above article from the Dec. 4th ,1954 Montreal Gazette.

It seems that 3 years prior to this article a 10 story building was put forth & voted down,and so this article proposes the new City Hall to be 2 story's high, & centered by a 3 story tower ( What 3 stories is a Tower now............hahahahahah.if that's the case we all lived in High Rises,based on that logic.....yikes.So the preliminary plans to build the existing City Hall actually started around '54 - '55,& construction was completed by 1958,roughly a 2 year project to build it.

 There are many Montreal Gazette's available to us all now through the latest acquisiton of Montreal Gazette archives by non-other than Google,who smartly makes them available to us all,through their storage capacity.....There's a lot of stuff to search thorugh, So if any of you have had your picture in the paper at some point then you can look it up,.Give it a try, there's a lot of dragging your mouse etc etc , and I suggest using the 'Full Page ' mode too.....



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