Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ahhh Home Sweet Home

Verdun has another Shooting,....  HmmmmmmmI wonder if it's retaliation ?  The old homestead has it's problems ,it seems.  According to this morning's online Gazette, a shooting on Stephens St happened last night..... 

MONTREAL – Two suspects are at large after a shooting in Verdun that left a 50-year-old man in serious condition in a hospital with at least one gunshot wound to his shoulder.

The attackers knocked on the door of the victim’s home on Stephens St. near Bannantyne St. about 9:40 p.m. Wednesday, Montreal police Constable André Leclerc said.

They managed to enter the home and, very soon afterward, shots were fired. The two male suspects then fled the scene.

The victim fled to a neighbour’s house where he called 911, Leclerc said, adding that he did not know why the man didn't call from his home.

According to one media report, the victim’s wife, who was at home at the time, and was unharmed, but was in too much shock to give police a detailed description of the intruders.

But Leclerc could not confirm that she was in fact at home or what she might have seen.

Leclerc did not know if the victim knew his attackers. Investigators plan to speak to the victim again as soon as he can be questioned.


Les F said...

Let's see a shooting on Moffat the other day & now Stephens,........coincidence ? lol
I would think a strong Verdun Connection (of the criminal kind)may be at play here....hahahaha
We'll see ,I guess:
Verdun shooting
Fri, 2010-01-15 17:37.
Andrew Cartwright
Police have confirmed that a man was shot in Verdun earlier today.

The shooting took place at around 3:30pm on Moffat street.

He was shot in the leg and taken to hospital...his life is not in danger.

No arrests have been made as police continue to look for suspects.
...................................................................Oddly enough I've seen no more on this Moffat St shooting (yet?) So stay tuned folks maybe we can 'connect' the dots..........HF&RV

cliff king said...

hopefully not to the "general"

Brian Gearey said...

Stephens is next to rolland my old home glad I'm in Winnipeg. oh better rephrase that because Winnipeg is murder capital of Canada. That is why I moved to Lockport.