Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dr Norman Bethune Exhibit at Centre d'Histoire de Montréal Museum


Last thursday evening was held the inauguration of the Dr Norman Bethune exhibit at the Centre d'Histoire de Montréal in the old converted firestation at Youville square. I represented our society as a contributor to the eshibition. Our connection with the exhibit was due to the clinic that Dr Bethune held in 1934 at the YMCA on Gordon. Very few Verdunites are familiar with this fact and our society is in the forefront of informing Verdunites of this honor. The mayor of Montreal, M. Gérald Tremblay was there as well as a delegation from the chinese consulate. Our society as well as myself were invited by Stéphanie Mondor of the Museum to attend this important exibit wich will last till the 29th of August of 2010.

The museum is in the center of old Montreal and a walk around the area is a must to see where it all started at the beginning of the colony.


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