Friday, November 13, 2009

All Saints Anglican Church

The All Saints Anglican Church situated at 7325 Ouimet St. was constructed in 1949. The top photo was taken in 1959 and the bottom photo was taken recently. The presbytary is on the left. This church is also up for sale as are many other churches in Verdun. The different religious communities are looking into sharing the same church to solve their financial problems as was done with the Notre Dame de la Garde Church. Quite an upheaval going on these days in the religious communities.



Les F said...

That would make a great community hall,or a private house.or 'God' forbid a Bar..........hahahahaha !!
Or a Bingo Hall with wine served,just like they used to

Oh Oh, guess I'm in trouble now.................hahahahahaha or still. HF&RV

Gord Gibbons said...

We were married at that church on September 4, 1971.

Gord Gibbons and Karen Ingram

Diane Roberts said...

The church looks attractive & well preserved. Hopefully it isn't torn down for redevelopment.
I don't remember a street called Ouimet, so I'll be looking it up on a map. I assume St Clement's Anglican Church is still operating as a church. That's were we took the vows 48 years ago!...Diane

Les F said...

Diane click on this link then use the street view,for a mini tour around Verdun's Crawford Park area.......
once you click ,you will be brought to the google map,then click on the word 'more' this will drop a menu down,select 'street view' and you will be right near the church,.good Luck HF&RV

Diane Roberts said...

Thanks Les, I remember Crawford Park as the place where a couple of my Third Ave friends moved to. Very upmarket at the time!.....Diane

Guy Billard said...

I now have confirmation that the All Saints Anglican Church on Ouimet Street is closing definately.
Another one of those small Verdun churches disapearing from the map. However, our society (SHGV) is recording all these important facts for our archives.

Les F said...

A little info on who the architects were & year built etc etc
Église All Saints
Adresse : 7325, rue Ouimet H4H 2J6
Municipalité : Verdun
MRC : Montréal (Ville)
Région administrative : région de Montréal (06)
Tradition religieuse
actuelle : Anglicane
Construction : 1949
Concepteurs : • Luke, Little and Mace, Architecte
Éléments du site : Presbytère
Revêtement dominant façade principale : Crépi
murs : Crépi
toiture : Asphalte (bardeau)