Monday, October 26, 2009

Verdun Flying Club

I brought this subject up before but I am still fascinated by this accomplishment by a Verdunite by the name of Albert Wm Quicke who was a plane builder and who built a glider that he flew in the VHs schoolyard in the 30s. I hope you can read the letter as it describes its operation of the car towed glider. I also posted the story on the "Messager" wich you can view at in the SOUVENIRS section and also in the english section in the TOP STORIES section.

I made a special binder for our archives (SHGV) with photos and correspondence.




Tom q said...

Hello again, Guy (and Group!)

I read through this post today and thought I'd slip you a reminder about just how "air-oriented" Verdunites/Verduners/Verdunois were in the past. Some still are.

Think back a bit, and for the members that didn't do a lot of World War Two studying at either VHS or VCHS do a Google-search, and try to remember the name George Frederick ("Screwball") Beurling.

I thought it was appropriate, seeing as how November 11th is just around the corner.

Keep up the good work, Guy. Glad to see some interest in the Air side of things!

David Flood said...

Also better known as BUZZ

Guy Billard said...

I am well aware of Buzz Beurling's accomplishments, there is even a street named after him. Several books were written about him and we even have one in our library (SHGV) and I am sure his biography is in all librarys across Canada. I think I even found where he lived in early 40s, on Bannantyne street facing the Willibrord park (Lovells) and we also have photos one of wich is at the Auditorium where he was celebratedd to a full house during the second world war.
However, I doubt that the currant generation knows much if anything about him.

pauline garneau said...

This is a conversation with Buzz Beurling on the CBC radio

Ace Buzz Beurling's flying career - CBC Archives

pauline garneau said...

Ace Buzz Beurling's flying career - CBC Archives

pauline garneau said...

A conversation with Ace Buzz Beurling

ActualitĂ©s canadiennes nÂș 20
Shot ID:368
Description:The Ace of Verdun: Night shots of George "Buzz" Beurling deplaning in Ottawa, being met by Air Vice Marshal Mackeen, mother and father, brother and sister. Shots of Beurling being greeted by Air Marshal Breadner and Mackenzie King. LAS of his picture in the Verdun Auditorium. Sequence on Beurling being carried in triumph to the dais, Beurling standing under a large Royal Canadian Air Force insignia. HAS of crowd of airmen and cut to individual shots of Beurling and his wife, Brigadier Panet, the commander of the Ferry Command Sir Frederick Bowhill, the Honourable Patenaude, etc. Various shots of ceremony.


Guy Billard said...

Wow, I didn't know such a film exhisted, thanks for posting it.