Sunday, October 4, 2009

Old 1702 Map of Verdun and area

Here is an old hand drawn 1702 map of Verdun and general area wich I found in our archives at the SHGV yesterday wich I thought might interest you. Shown on the left are 2 forts, Fort Remy and fort Cueillerier wich were situated in Lachine and Ville LaSalle, Lachine Rapids wich were called Sault St Louis, Heron Island,Verdun and Les Argoulets wich became Verdun also and where the first habitants colonized the area (Atwater- Hickson-Church), Ile St Paul (Nun's Island) Côte St Paul, Lac St Pierre, also called Petit Lac St Pierre wich is today called Turcot yards and Lac à la Loutre, Rivière St Pierre wich reached  the St Lawrence river at the Verdun Pt St charles border (see my recent post). 

Hopefully you will be able to enlarge the map to better identify the area.


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