Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Movies

Well I finally got to watch Michael Moore's new film 'Capitalism, A Love Story'. This doc really needs to be watched by everyone, especially union men and women. He explains the financial crises so a pug like me can understand it. All I can say is keep an open mind. Don't allow your preconceived ideas sway you one way or the other. Take it all in and then decide what's what with Wall Street and your family. Remember if you will, Wall Street affects the world including Verdun.
Bill (Second Avenue)


Marlene Lefebvre said...

I should be going tomorrow night to see the film. I have heard it is amazing and a must see. Will let you know .

Diane Roberts said...

I'm trying to keep an OPEN MIND William....but Michael Moore gives me the s..ts! The guy is a spin merchant who adds his own twist to everything he runs a crusade about. That said, I just might see his new film when it hits Australia. But I doubt he's telling it all like it is and straight down the line. Michael Moore is impressed with Michael Moore!....Diane

william Cooper said...

He has a definite agenda no doubt. And I have taken this into consideration when viewing his docs. Keep trying Diane.
Aloha, Bill