Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Montreal Turcot & NotreDame St projects in question ?

It seems the 'rats' are under the spotlight right now, So I would imagine the kickbacks will have to be scaled back a little, at least until the right payoffs to the right people are made ,to make this latest expose of graft & corruption amongst the builders & the politicians ,goes away: 

The Radio-Canada investigative show Enquête last week suggested the cost of roadwork in the Montreal region is artificially inflated by about 30 per cent due to collusion among construction companies. You can watch it online here.

That report and allegations construction companies are surreptitiously funding political parties and their leadership campaigns and giving kickbacks for contracts raises questions about two giant roadwork projects Quebec is planning for Montreal, both of which are mired in controversy.

The province plans to spend $1.5 billion rebuilding the Turcot interchange and another $1.5 billion rebuilding Notre Dame St. Let's see: 30 per cent of $3 billion is $900 million. That would buy a lot of public transit.

There's still time to rethink Notre Dame and Turcot. On the latter, Quebec is inexplicably keeping the report on public hearings into Turcot under wraps until after the election, despite calls for its immediate release by Projet Montréal (in this press release) and later Vision Montreal.

The scandals and the many questions raised about the two projects (critics say they’ll increase car traffic and plans don't do enough to boost public transit) may encourage Quebec to go back to the drawing board. (Environment Minister Line Beauchamp has until Nov. 11 to make public the Turcot report.)

Hoping the province will do just that, opponents to Turcot are planning a "symbolic action"/demo on Sunday, Nov. 8. They're encouraging protesters to "bring along an object depicting alternative transportation" – bikes, inline skates, skateboards, etc.

The protest is being organized by Mobilisation Turcot and its partners. To read why organizers are organizing the event, click here.

- Andy Riga

                 Hmmmmm  Business ,as usual, the Tremblay thieves ,have to protect themselves from the allegations from the 'would be ' Harel thieves,who would like to take power in Montreal ,so they can can scoop the deals............hahahaha   HF&RV

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Les F said...

This just reminded me of How Mega City mergers can be far more effective for everyone ,because they can co-ordinate such things as Snow Removal, etc etc .........and this just about captures exactly that spirit of Gov't s one hand not knowing what the other is doing.......hahahahha