Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Sign to Say Thank You to the Military

This is pretty neat.....(30 second video)... Have you ever seen one of our military walking past you and wanted to convey to them your thanks, but weren't sure how, or it felt awkward?

Recently, a gentleman from Seattle created a gesture which could be used to express your thanks and has started a movement to get the word out..

Please everybody take just a moment to watch..... The Gratitude Campaign ...and then forward it to your friends!   THEN START USING THE SIGN.


Les F said...

Interesting, & not a bad idea:

pauline garneau said...

Actions speak louder than words.
It is a gesture that can be understood internationally.
That's the least we can do.

Sherry Hummell said...

Dave Murphy - on Facebook and from Calgary has been doing things for a few years now for the soldiers - to show them we support them. Recently he had many people from all over - thru Facebook, in his travels and visits hold up "Thank You" signs and take the photos and send to him. He has now compiled a video that will be shown to both Canadian and U.S. Soldiers everywhere. I will post whatever link to the video when it is out. Dave is really great when it comes to our soldiers and has won accolades from our soldiers, American soldiers and our Chief of Defence Staff. It IS great to thank them in person but also go onto the Canadian Forces site or thru Veterans' Affairs and click on the link to send an email to any soldier anywhere - it is really appreciated. You could also send a letter "To any Canadian Soldier Anywhere" and it will get there. Being an ex-soldier myself and now working out of Dept of Defence, any little thought like that is actually quite big in our hearts.......