Friday, August 21, 2009

Metro Expansion (Mayors agree)

It seems the mayors of Montreal & Laval etc etc , have agreed in principle to expand the existing Metro system again, is a good system & Montreal has the largest (or one of the largest) riderships of public transit in North America...... 

     ................I always wondered why they haven't expanded a line directly to the Dorval Airport (sorry the Pierre Elliot Trudeau airport ,for the purist) Imagine a line that could whisk people from downtown & pick up people on the way all the way to the airport,that would allow West Island people to leave their cars out of the city & be in town in minutes instead of sitting staring at the arse end of the car in front of you, for an hour and a half ........but that would only makes sense ,so don't look for that to happen ,anytime           Here's the story from the Gazette this morning.



MONTREAL - The mayors of Montreal, Laval and Longueuil are close to signing an agreement on plans to expand metro services in the three municipalities, a media report says.

The agreement would help the cities lobby Quebec for money to extend the metro by 20 kilometres and build more than 10 new stations, La Presse says.

The long-term project is expected to cost more than $3 billion, the newspaper report says.

The expansion plans include an extension of the Blue line east to Anjou; the extension of the westbound Orange line from St. Laurent to Laval, with links to the existing Montmorency station; the extension of the Yellow line in Longueuil, with new stations to serve schools, health centres and residential areas.

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