Monday, August 10, 2009

Maison St Gabriel gets facelift (Pt St Charles landmark)

CTV reports on Maison St Gabriel farmhouse that dates back 300 years in Montreal's the story:

CTV Montreal

 300-year-old farmhouse in Point St. Charles is undergoing a $9.5-million expansion in an effort to keep up with its growing number of tourists, and leave a legacy behind.

In the rustic spot tucked away off Wellington St., Maison St. Gabriel feels like it has been trapped in time.

The site, which is steeped in local history, was where the filles du roi were sent to populate the colony of New France. The lived in the quarters until they met their future husbands.

Some 15,000 artifacts dating back to the 17th century are found here.

The property became a museum in 1966, and belongs to the Notre Dame Basilica's congregation. Until now it has housed ten nuns, but they will relocate in September to make room for facilities to accommodate the 75,000 annual visitors.

The explosion of tourist, up from 7,000 a year in 1999, is largely thanks to its director for the past 12 years, Sister Margaret Juneau.

"For me, these origins are important, and we should be proud of them," said Juneau.

The expansion will include a renovation of the nuns' quarters, and should be completed by September.

"It will allow the Maison St. Gabriel to expand and to offer visitors a more complete experience in terms of infrastructure," said the museum's Mark Verrault.


Guy Billard said...

I visited the Maison St Gabriel a few years ago and I highly recommend those interested in the history of Montreal to make it a must see visit.

pauline garneau said...

So many young girls who went to the Roman Catholic schools were influenced by the nuns and at one time or another flirted with the idea of becoming a nun.
The St Gabriel’s Farm is a perfect example of how the Congregation of Notre Dame’s attention to details in their teachings and their knowledge of how to do things right. They are true educators and are dedicated to their calling. After your visit to the farmhouse you walk away with such respect for the nuns and their contributed to our history.
Absolutely a must see
Maybe some of you remember their Habit