Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dancing Having Fun in Verdun----Remember?

Remember this old photo of the kids dancing outside at the old Woodland Park in front of the Bandstand................................Well it'seems they still have fun in Verdun dancing outside at the new covered shelter near the Natatorium,where the have a Swing Dance Party,.......this shot was then...........

                       ............and this link to the Video is Now (well summer 2008,actually) I haven't come across the 2009 Version Yet,....but in any case the kids are having fun,


....also here's the link to the Swing Dance website ,it looks like they've had all their dance's so far this year,.but check it out ,if you like:




        ......and don't forget,   Have Fun & Remember Verdun 


Guy Billard said...

I have that old Woodland park photo in my Album no. 20 and I also made a copy for our archives at the SHGV. I think you originally posted it on the old site.I enjoyed that Utube video of the younsters dancing the Boogie Woogie at the new dance area at the "Boardwalk". Those kids really know how to swing. The chubby fella can also hold his own. Is swing coming back ? Thanks for posting it.

Les F said...

Yes Guy that old photo has been around for a long time & goes way back to near the beginning of the Verdun Connections on the old MSN network,.......It has been posted by many, and I believe it appears in a few different photo albums, as for the modern day 'pavillion' or shelter it looks great & it nice to see Verdun getting some use out of their resources, aside from the Swing Dance they also used it ,when they showed the outdoor movies last month, at least it was held near that shelter,,What neat thing it is to see kids out there dancing & maybe one day on another ste like this in the future,those kids will be happy to find evidence like these pictures for their use..Who Knows?
Cheers !! HF&RV
ps: also the second couple to dance the girls name was Annie Trudeau, and she looked like her & her dance partner were having a ball

Diane Roberts said...

Just love it Les! Great to see they're still kicking up a storm in Verdun. Many of us spent our teen years rock and rolling the the night away (at least three dances a week for me!) and it's wonderful to see the younger generation swinging away. The Swing is really popular here in Australia and judging by this video clip, Canada is enjoying the same revival.....I'll be watching it over and over, dreaming of the good ole days and wishing I could still let the legs fly!., Thanks....Diane