Sunday, June 21, 2009

Verdun Connections

An MSN group which ran for 6and a half years,then MSN decided to cease operating any groups ,they opted to turn the groups hosting over to a network known as Multiply, So if you want to make Connections with friends from your past days of living in Verdun/Montreal then feel free to checkout this 'New' Verdun Connections replacement site at this link:
Once your on the site ,you can read all the different blog messages,or look through the many photo albums ,mostly relating to Verdun or Montreal & Quebec,but not limited to just that. You can also choose to 'Join this Group' simply by clicking on those exact words once your on the Multiply newtwork.
Now Multiply will ask you to sign up to their network ( it's Free,so no problem there) then you would be given your own site ,which you can customise to your own ideas,etc etc after that you can checkout any of the other Groups hosted on the Multiply Network & Join them too if you like,
So checkout 'Verdun Connections' and hopefully you will join,& then hopefully you will share some of your own stories from your days in Verdun / Montreal etc .or perhaps you have that old 'shoebox' full of B&W photographs,you can start your own album on either the Verdun Connections site, or your own multiply site,or both. Hope we see you there,to help keep all our memories alive:
Have Fun & Remember Verdun

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