Sunday, June 7, 2009

Toboggan Slide, The Guardian February 1940

I have discovered these photos of the slide wich appeared in 1940 editions of the Guardian. The photos were taken in two different directions giving us a familiar view of the surroundings, one shows the Auditorium and the other the Verdun General Hospital. Those old Guardians are a gold mine of historical value. The photos are not very clear as I have to take photos with by hand held camera of the Guardian pages but I think they are clear enough to identify the scenes.




Diane Roberts said...

Never remembered a toboggan slide in Verdun or Montreal. We used to take our small toboggans and slide down the outside stairs and hit the snowbank at the bottom!...Diane

Art Dawe said...

Hey! Finally able to get on this site and actually use it! Sorry Diane, if you don't remember this slide then you are younger than some of us "old" people. Going down was great, but it wasn't easy dragging your toboggan, or sled, up the stairs to reach the top. But the ride was worth it! In second place was sliding down the river bank off the boardwalk at Fourth Ave., (where I lived) on the best sliding material you can ever have! Plain, simple, flattened, cardboard boxes, or pieces of "oilcloth" now called linoleum!! They even beat the plastics of today!
Thanks for the memories Guy, as usual!

Diane Roberts said...

Great to hear you finally made it Art! I am an oldie, that's why I probably can't remember the toboggan slide! Your right, oilcloth was the best and I was lucky enough to supply "my gang" with some good pieces because Dad was the Foreman at Congoleum. Never without a smooth piece of oilcloth to slide down those 2nd floor stairs on 3rd Ave! times...Diane