Monday, June 22, 2009

Molson's Buy "Les Canadiens"

John Molson emigrated from England at age 18 in 1782 and was a formidable entrepreneur. He had the first steam boat built wich plied the Saint-Lawrence river, the beginning that would make this brewer the largest fleet owner in North America.

Here are some of his accomplishements as well as his descendents:

Lumberyard owner

Luxury Hotel owner

Founded the Molson Bank with 125 branches until the Bank of Montreal bought them in 1925. The building still stands today

Had the first theatre buiilt.

Had the second hospital built after Hotel Dieu Hospital.

Founded Molson's Brewery on Notre Dame Street wich is still there.

Owners of the "Canadien" hockey club.

Built the Percival-Molson Stadium.

Everyone is happy to see the hockey club fall into the hands of a Canadian family including the "Québéquois".


Truck photo about 1925.

Source: La Presse today (Condensed version) translated.




john allison said...

Amen to that.....

Les F said...

I always appreciated the Canadiens Organization ,putting my name on all their press clippings , as well as all the sweaters etc etc ...............Merci ...........Les_F

Les F said...

Amazing how much he & his family did for his community ,regardless of ones ancestry.........A great Family indeed, with ,what seems, as no Agenda,....(contrary to what some believe) & Here they are 3 &400 years later ,trying to resurecct a Montreal Institution one more time........Odd that they feel no problem investing in this community . regardless of the lunatics who would prefer to divide this investment of Millions by a family who have invested for Century's & are once more taking a chance n being targeted as nothing more than opportunists........Let;'s thanks them for taking yet another chance on this town: