Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Phone numbers on Manning

Anyone able to find a page of the phone book for Manning. circa 70-75.
Addresses from 800-900..


les__f MSN said...

Maggi , Arbutus & Guy & JMH seem to be the quick ones on being able to find stuff in the Lovell's Directory,........hopefully they will see this and check it out for you...... I had it book,arked at one time but can't find it right now(could be on my external HD...??/) the link under out links section doesn't really bring me to the operative spot.                                                                             HF&RV

maggiemck MSN said...

Click on this link, it will take you directly to the page in the Lovell Directory. Manning, 1970-71 http://bibnum2.banq.qc.ca/bna/lovell/src/1970-1971/15.Section_des_adresses_des_rues/M/2.Ma/110780_1970-1971_1514.pdf

the lad MSN said...

Maggie & Les   Thanks..Exactly what I was looking for.     Lad