Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Looking For

also Michael Collins where are you?


the lad MSN said...

Hamboy   Mike Collins live in LaSalle and have a couple of brothers? I worked with a Mike and Timmy Collins in the Point.   Let me know   Lad

hamboy3 MSN said...

ya that's the same Mike. You say he lives in Lasalle. His brothers are indeed Tim and Pat.

the lad MSN said...

Hamboy   Last time I saw Tim was at the Provigo under the Pool Hall..few years ago. He was living in the Point then. Not sure now..Worked with him at the RR for awhile until he left.Saw him at a football game in LaSalle once after.   Mike the same thing worked with him at RR in the Point and yards. Last I heard he left and was living I think on West Island. He had a real nice 50-51 Chevy Pick Up. I think he was working on restoring a 68 Firebird too. This was long time ago.Not sure now.   Did not know his other brother to talk too. Knew him to see.   Not much but hope that helps...   Lad