Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello to all Verdunites

I'm new to this web site.  Thanks to Robin Turner for introducing it to me.  I grew up at the corner of 1st Ave and Wellington.  Lived there till I was 17 years old, moved to Cote St. Paul for a couple of years, then moved back to 1st Ave. between Wellington and Verdun Ave.  I'm sure many members will remember my mother, Mrs. Bérubé, who taught at St. Willibrord's School.  She taught grade one boys.  For anyone who does remember her, she passed away on July 6th of this year.  She was living in Milton, ON, in a seniors' residence, near my sister, Claire. 
I did my high school at St. Gabriel's Academy in the Point, so I wouldn't remember too many of the graduates from VCHS. 
I hope that maybe some of you will remember me and get in touch.  There is nothing like reconnecting with a long lost friend.
Madeleine (B챕rub챕) Buckley


knucklehead MSN said...

my name is wayne holden.i remember you mother miss berube.she taught me in grade 1.sorry to hear of her 60 years old but she is one of the teachers i wll always remember.i lived on 2nd ave between verdun and banintine forget how it was spelled

football19610 MSN said...

Hi Madelein. You are a fresh memory. As kids we use to chum around . I remember you living close to a dentist's office. I lived on Second Avenue and chummed around with Robin and Paul Turner, as well as the Hanrahan brothers (Ross and Wayne) among others.  I was sorry to hear of your mother's death. Like you I am a relatively new member of theVC group. I've found a lot of memories that had been forgotten over the years since joining and reading the messages of the members like yourself.

madeleine MSN said...

Hi George.  I really can't remember you, although I have forgotten so many people from Verdun.  I haven't lived there since 1973.  I was out on the West Island before moving to Ontario.  I live just outside the village of Casselman, 50km from Ottawa.  You are not that far away from me.  On Canada Day, we drove along the water out your way.  My husband does work in Morrisburg, Prescott, etc.  He services and repairs automatic doors.   I found the site a lot of fun to look through.  I'm hoping more people post pictures.  The ones of the PAV really were great....seeing the teens dancing.  I wondered if possibly I was in that   Have a great day, and keep in touch.  My email is