Sunday, August 31, 2008

harvey bates or Lyle Day

Anyone know the where abouts of Harvey Bates or Lyle Day. My husband Gary is looking for them.
Thank you |


cookie3261 MSN said...

Hi Cathy,   We have tried searching for Harvey and Lyle and  Billy Tainge,also Gail Vokey in the past, but no replies came through....but we did find Heather Milligan and Judy Grayburn, Judy is on VC often...Heather lives In Lasalle.....we also searched for David Bowes who married Carol Depatie, but again, no replies. Maybe someone else out there has an update?   cookie

winterhater MSN said...

Hi Cookie, just wondering if you have contcted Greer Nowlan yet?  K.Neil

cookie3261 MSN said...

Hi...I gave all your information to Barb Nolan who is to pass it on to Greer,sorry you haven't heard anything as yet, I will email for you again.   cookie

mrs.right MSN said...

Thank you Sandra