Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Thirties, Forties and Fifties.

When I click on 'REPLY' or 'REPLY TO MY INBOX' I am sent to the
following site.

Which is not Verdun Connections unfortunately, but the MSN home page.

What growing up in the great city of Verdun has blessed me with, is
patience, which has come greatly appreciated in the cyber age of
Have a wonderful day,
Bill Cooper

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

The Recipe for Spruce Beer

Thought you might be interested................
5 gal. of pure water
3-6 lbs of unsulphured molasses
1 pkg. of yeast
1 qt. Sitka or white spruce needles or tips
Boil about one gallon of water for at least 30 minutes, then steep the needles or tips for about half an hour. Drain out the needles and add 3-6 lbs. of unsulphured molasses to the spruce-flavo

red water, depending on taste. (Optional: Adding 3 lbs. of Blue Ribbon hop-flavored malt at this point will improve the taste but is not part of the original recipe.) Add water to make 5 gallons. Cool the mixture to about 70째 F. and add yeast. Keep the mixture at about 70째 for several days, then move it to a cooler spot (about 50째) until fermentation stops. The process will take 10-14 days, sometimes longer. When fermentation ceases, the beer is ready to bottle or drink, but will improve if it is allowed to age in the bottle.

NOTE: The alcohol content varies between 6 and 9 percent, depending on the amount of molasses.