Saturday, August 20, 2016

Nostalgia ,...ain't what it used to be

I am certain I posted this youtube video years ago, but I thought some of you who surf by Ex-Montrealers  and Present day dwellers might get a kick out of some of the old haunts & street scenes around our long ago Montreal.
                                                  Cheers ! -Les


Monday, August 15, 2016

Lenoard Cohens song Back on Boogie Sharon Robinson

A simply fantastic talent who collaborates with Mr Cohen on many great songs, here she performs alone in Dublin singing the same song, she really has a great voice: .........also what some may not know but her tie to Montreal is not just through Leonard Cohen ,but through her Dad: Mr Jackie Robinson who was a pitcher for Montreal's baseball team way back when before the Expos even existed, obviously a very talented family.

                Thank You Sharon

Boogie Street - Leonard Cohen

Only because I have not posted anything for quite a while, I thought I would just throw this Montreal'ers song in there,..........thanks Mr Cohen