Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"Sounds of Silence"

Well for a few months now I have been listening to this new version of the Sounds of Silence, which I think is pretty good version. It is a great song in anycase & usually covers are not always good renditions of originals,but after 50+ years of Simon & Garfunkels release ,this group seems to do it justice.
( Now that said ,old die-hards may want to dismiss it,after about the 2/3rds mark when it ramps up ,voice wise, but given a number of listens I think you may come to like it. Check it out if you like . 


...........and I will also include an original version,to mellow you out again.........lol  
  Now I still like the original, but I think it is time for someone new to do it.
                  Cheers ! LesF


I am just updating this post with a live version performed by 'Disturbed' on the Conan show almost two weeks ago,........and again the group (or more accurately the lead singer really delivers live incredibly not like a studio version,..however his back up musicians are simply incredible) IMHO




BobB said...

When it comes to music, you always have my attention. I love this song. I love the lyric poetry of the song. "when my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light" and "and the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls and whispered in the sounds of silence". Fantastic writing. I love the original by Paul & Art (minus the drums that were inserted later on the record against their wishes). Notice their live version is just two voices and a guitar (unless I missed something else). But, you know, I like the version by Disturbed as well. He heard something in those lyrics that called for a little different take in the production. I think it's a good take on the song. Not a carbon copy of the original, but that's been done already. He did a good job. Thanks for posting it Les.

Les_F said...

Always appreciate your comments Bob, that is sort of how I felt as well. and I believe you are correct with the S&G version posted just the two voices & guitar. I have to say I never thought much about how Paul Simons voice is sung quite different to Art G's voice,.....it sure passed the test of time, some 5 near 6 decades later...I also like your thoughts on how the other lead from Disturbed saw it calling for something slightly different,maybe that is what today's world calls for as he sees it. All good for sure, glad you liked it. Cheers ! -Les