Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Moe's Diner Closing Dec 7th Another Piece of Montreal Dispaears

Late-night institution Moe's Diner to close in December

“It is with great sadness that Big Ed and the Moe’s family must let you know that we are officially closing.”
That was the sad news shared via the Facebook page for Moes – Corner Snack Bar, which you might know better from its Coke sign, reading “Casse-Croute du Coin,” around the corner from the old Forum, at Lambert-Closse St. and de Maisonneuve Blvd.
It’s not the first time that news of closure has circulated about the breakfast and late-night institution, a regular stop since 1958 for its Western sandwiches, slices of lemon meringue pie and the famous Big Ed burgers.

    rIn the spring, every media outlet in Montreal did stories on the family’s hope to sell the diner, but, as noted in last night’s posting, circulating with vigour on social media, there were no eleventh-hour saviours.
As everyone knows, businesses in general are not doing well as of late and unfortunately, Moes is not excluded from this fact. We were planning to sell and hoping that someone would be able to keep it going, but no one is interested in taking on the responsibility of owning a 24h diner as it is undoubtedly a lifetime of work. …”
The family thanked all of its customers, from like-family regulars to occasional customers (“We love you just as much”), and invited us all down before Dec. 7.
Please, please, if you have a sec, stop by sometime before we shut the doors forever, for old time’s sake.
Well the Montreal, we all knew & grew up with is steadily becomming unrecognizable, I guess we will always be Montrealer's at heart, but the reality is it will be only kept alive in memories for most of us, & I have to say that I doubt I will ever make the visit back there again. (Maybe to binge eat and see a few Habs games, but even the prospect of that does not hold as much interest to me any more.What is the old adage " You can't go home again"  I think that may be true. what landmarks are really left, the old Ogilivy's Flour Sign ( Farine Five Roses Flour) , the Orang Julep I guess, Jacques Cartier Bridge, the PVM,..... but even the flavour of the city seems to have really changed.......anyone else think so ? cheers ! LesF

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Buy American" -----------------------the Chinese Do.

What will the future be like for our kids, thinking of French Immersion for your kids & grandkids,.you may want to think about Mandorin or Cantonese instead.
 It will help them more than we know.Just a thought.
  How about this youtube video explaining how GM ( & others) were bailed out by tax dollars on both sides of the border & now are primarily being bought up or owned by Chinese interests...........oh the world is a changing.