Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pinochio Do We Settle Again or Get Rid of Him

Ahh .. afew more days to go, however many of us have already cast our ballot in the advance polls.
I have to say Herr Harper is being caught in a lot of his own BS., lately.
 I love what Hurricane Hazel has to say to Haper.....she calls it as she sees it.

        Now it's time to get rid of Harper.........but you have to vote.

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.
--  Aesop


Anonymous said...

And for the love of crap, please make sure you have the proper ID available to show the polling clerks (and remember, those voting information cards you got in the mail addressed to you are not considered valid ID).

Take a look at what is considered valid ID here:

I've worked as a polling clerk in the last few elections and dealing with this issue is the #1 cause of delays at the poll.

Final advice: hit the bathroom before you go out to vote. I can recognize the peepee dance form across the room and there's nothing I can do to keep your place in line or get you to the voting booth ahead of people.

Last election, I only had a 43% turn out for my polling station. It'll be interesting to see how much higher the turn out will be this one.

BobB said...

I loved the Hazel ad. Straight to the heart of the matter.

BobB said...

and I also got a laugh out of the mock interview / meeting between Harper and Gretzky. and Gretzky's best effort was "You were an unreal Prime Minister".