Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wasn't there Always an Observatory on PVM ( I remember one)

Today's Gazette reveals that an observatory will open atop the PVM in 2016
I seem to recall there always was an observatory floor with those old coin op binoculars, plus there was a fancy restaurant & at one time a disco Altitec 747 or something like that. Quebec is weird like that , something disappears for a few years & then they think they invented the idea & do it I wonder if someone will get around to 'inventing English signs' & maybe language rights too..........hahahaha   (them's fightin words I guess these days) ahh but I do remember when a little common sense was still around, who knows maybe someone will re-ivent that too. Wouldn't it be nice if someone invented a Habs team that actually wins Stanley Cups, oh well we can't have everything I guess.
  Cheers ! LesF
here's the gazette story from today's online paper:

Observatory atop Place Ville Marie to open in early 2016

An artist rendition showing a proposed project to establish an observatory on the 46th floor of 1 Place Ville Marie. Pictured here is the proposed outdoor terrasse that would be on the 44th floor.

A new observatory at the top of Place Ville Marie is set to open next February, offering panoramic views of the city and a variety of other activities high above the pavement.
The investors’ group behind the project hosted a media tour of the still-unfinished facilities on Thursday morning. Alexandre Taillefer, one of the investors and a regular on the French version of CBC’s Dragon’s Den, said he hopes the observatory will become a major tourist draw, but also that Montrealers will visit in large numbers and gain a new perspective on their city.
Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect at the top of Place Ville Marie starting in early 2016:
What kind of facilities are being planned?
Visitors to the new multi-floor attraction will start by passing through a reception area and boutique, accessible from the current shopping gallery under Place Ville Marie. From there, they will take an elevator to the 43rd floor foyer. A second elevator will then transport them up one level — to all-season terrasses and Les Enfants Terribles restaurant — or up three levels to the observatory itself (46th floor).
The observatory will be equipped with Tell:scope interactive telescopes like the ones found atop the world’s tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. The 45th floor will be accessible only by descending from the 46th floor, and will house an exhibition gallery.
All-season terrasses? Won’t it be cold up there?
Yes, but the terrasses will be partly enclosed and equipped with heated floors for use in the colder months, Taillefer explained, allowing people to use them year-round. Les Enfants Terribles will be a fully enclosed restaurant, the outer shell of which will need to be lifted onto the roof by crane this summer.
What will the exhibition gallery include?
The 45th-floor exhibition gallery is expected to host a high-tech interactive experience designed by Montreal-based company gsmprjct°. It will focus on historical and contemporary Montreal, and while it will be a permanent exhibition, its content will be in a constant state of flux as the city grows and changes. It may mirror the gsmprjct°-designed experiences at the Burj Khalifa and at The Shard in London, England.
How much will it cost to access these facilities?
The cost of a ticket is expected to be about $15 — which includes admission to all floors and facilities, said Taillefer. If people are travelling as a family, the ticket price will run around $12 per person. People with reservations at Les Enfants Terribles may be able to ascend to the restaurant without charge.
Who is behind this project?
The four main investors are IvanhoĆ© Cambridge, gsmprjct°, Claridge and Sid Lee/Cirque du Soleil. They have received loans from both Investissement QuĆ©bec and the Banque Nationale, and the final cost is expected to be about $13 million.

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