Friday, April 3, 2015

Montreal Winter Encore

As a kid growing up in Verdun, I remember it snowing lightly on May 4th, this was the closest I had ever seen it snow as close to my birthday (mid-May) . I don't know why I ever bothered to remember that (or why I still remember that) but I did. It just seemed all too odd I guess, & according to this story from today's Gazette, snow has reared it's ugly head again,& it'sApril 3rd, so I wonder will it repeat the May 4th I remember from so long ago. Who Knows. However it won't be long before the sidewalk cafes are open & summer will be in full swing.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------here's the Gazette story..............

'Special weather statement' in effect for Montreal — Yes, that means snow

A Montrealer clears snow from her car during a snowfall Sunday, March 15, 2015 in Montreal.
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No, it’s not a late and lame April Fools’ Day joke from Environment Canada: Montreal is expected to receive between five and 10 centimetres of snow.
Just when you thought spring was finally here, a low-pressure system is set to drop “unseasonably high snowfall amounts” south of the St. Lawrence Valley overnight, according to the weather authority.
The Eastern Townships and Beauce areas could receive up to 15 centimetres of dreaded white stuff while the St. Lawrence region between Montreal and Quebec City should see between five and 10 centimetres. For Montreal, Environment Canada predicts the rain this evening that will change to snow after midnight.
The good news for baseball fans is that the two exhibition games between the Cincinnati Reds and Toronto Blue Jays at Olympic Stadium will go ahead as planned on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. The latest forecasts they received respect the winter weather protocol that they’re subject to, said Cédric Essiminy, a spokesperson for the Olympic Park.
If more than three centimetres of snow is forecasted for the time during which an event is scheduled to be held at Olympic Stadium, it can’t go ahead at the indoor stadium because of concerns over the safety of the roof. However, there won’t be an accumulation of three centimetres Saturday afternoon, said Essiminy, who noted the forecast calls for snow overnight and Saturday morning.
Any snow that accumulates on the roof would melt before Saturday’s game, he said. The stadium has two heating systems that allow them to prevent snow from accumulating on the roof, Essiminy said. The space between the interior and exterior roof at the stadium is heated. There is also eight kilometres of heated cable on the outside roof, he said.

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