Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ahh ! Climate Change ..........No it's Back to Normal

Brrrrrrrr!  Remember those days (every winter) freezing cold well below zero ,the real '0' not the C thing...........lol . Seems like winters are returning to like we had when growing up in Verdun/Montreal. I'll bet the outdoors rinks are doing fine these days. We always had a real cold spell where you would see steam rising off the river cause it was so cold, & you walked to school with your face tucked into your chin & your skin felt like it was about to crack. Ahh . yes climate change or global warming that's it .I think I'll refer to it like we always did It's the Weather..............lol . Now I feel for our eastern friends who are experiencing a cold spell,but back years ago Toronto had winter too , as did everywhere else.However my friends , don't be alarmed I'm sure when winter ends,you will have a fantastic spring & a hot summer & a great fall........oh & please remember when in the middle of summer when it hit's those stinking hot days where you cannot sleep (unless you have air cond) & you get those fantastic rain storms with thunder & lightning, where the rains bounces 3ft off Wellington Street.that too folks is 'weather' but if you like when this winter has faded & those hot times are back,then just call it Climate Change & Global Warming,afterall govt's like to have us worry about something while they pick our pockets. So whether you need a touque or sun screen (or both if you ski) then just enjoy the day ,cause your only on this planet for a limited amount of time ,so experience it & enjoy it & try to Have Fun ( & Remember Verdun)   ..Cheers ! LesF
Now where is my F&#$@ing Lawn Mower & Weed eater......friggin climate change has our lawns growing like hell............just like it did in the 70's when I got here.
  The following is an excerpt from today's Montreal Gazette.

Montreal this morning: Days are longer, but no warmer

#ThisMTL Instagram photo by @erikn_nn.
erikn_nn / Instagram


The sun rose at 6:53 this morning—two full minutes earlier than yesterday. Is the end of this whole winter thing in sight?

Umn, no. We’ll be lucky to climb above -14 Celsius today, and that’s before the dreaded wind chill. With the wind chill … we don’t even want to talk about it. Don’t forget to layer, people

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BobB said...

Layer? I think, I'll hybrinate. I'm sitting by a gas fireplace, in Toronto, bloody glad I'm not waiting for the 108 at Atwater!!

My siamese cat, Minou is so close to the fireplace it's unbelievable. Typical cat. Loves to bake.

But you're right, Les, every day is a gift. Enjoy. We'll be baking soon.