Saturday, November 22, 2014

Adieu Parc Belmont , we ve posted one like this years ago, but Hey why not again.


Les_F said...

Excellent choice of songs & well timed for this video,The couple in the film could represent any of us who grew up the 50's 60's 70s etc
Well done......& thanks for te efort to make this video clip.
Cheers !
ps: "are we old yet"?

BobB said...

I had a once a year pilgrimage to Belmont Park. The day was always magical.

This brings back very special "souvenirs".

Thanks for posting it.


Les_F said...

Hi Bob glad you liked the clip, these were very well indeed the"times of our lives" always fun to find our way out to Belmont Park . I think the last time I was there was with an old girlfriend,funny we all started going there as kids & then as teens......all fun stuff.
Cheers ! Les