Thursday, September 18, 2014

Popular album by Leonard Cohen

In 3 days from now our own Montrealer Leonard Cohen will turn 80 years old, and to celebrate (as the site says ) he is releasing a new album...........I like most of it so far & if you want to hear many of it's tunes then CBC has some available for you to sample right here.........  (sorry you have to copy & paste this link it seems)

I however like the sample on Leonard Cohen's website which has a very simple video of one of his songs (that I like ) with lyrics "Almost Like the Blues"........very cool (IMHO)
                   Click on his link:
and scroll & play the video. Or watch it at the bottom of this post.

That being said I really appreciate having the tunes available on the CBC site,............I think they are almost all great..........let me rephrase that , I'm sure they are all great...I just like some more than others......  I hope you Cohen fans appreciate this latest offering from one of Montreal's true Cool Talents..........and if you don't think he's cool, then think of his response when winning a Juno a few years back ,when he said roughly " Only in Canada could he win best male vocalist"
Now that's funny & humble.............too cool for school Mr Cohen.

Now there's a Montrealer with a great vision of self & a sense of humour......Thanks Mr Cohen.for being normal............ can't wait to get your album ,I got to see your show here in Victoria BC this past spring ....what a great show. Thank You & the girls & the musicians.
    Watch the Video .....I hope everyone likes it: but I guess that's where You Choose....I suppose that's why it's Titled ...."Almost like the Blues"...........Cheers ! LesF


BobB said...

Hi Les

Thanks for the update on Leonard. Our very own Leonard. I too love his self deprecating humour and of course his wonderful music and poetry. Love those lines from the Tower of Song:
"I was born like this, I had no choice
I was born with the gift of a golden voice"
I have been blessed to see him on 3 occasions. It's always magical. How often I sat on a floor somewhere in the 60's listening to him. A true treasure.


Les_F said...

Tower of Song ......simply a great song .also there was an album made as a tribute to Leonard Cohen & his songs, titled Tower of Song,.by a several different artists, I have the cd in the player in the car right now.
Cheers ! LesF