Thursday, April 3, 2014

Update from Dolly on her book Loddy Dah !


                                                                                                                                                              One of our other gals from Verdun ,who will be having her book launch shortly just sent me this quick email update..........If you live in the Montreal area and can attend ,then you might just get to meet Dolly yourself, . let's encourage & support all the talented friends we can from our native Verdun / Montreal:               

   Here is a copy of her email: (permission granted by Dolly to post this)

Hi Les,

Just to bring you up to date. Attached are images of my novel: front cover, interior, and back flap plus the acknowledgement page which includes YOU and the Verdun Connections Group! Hope you can read it. 

It's been a long journey but it's out now on,,, Barnes and Noble and Indigo. BUT ask your bookstores to order the book because I believe in supporting indie book stores. Also ask your library to stock it as I get paid for every book borrowed.

I am excited that my novel will debut in Montreal at the Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival where I will be reading last day of the festival May 4 at the Hotel 10, corner Sherbrooke and St. Laurent Blvd, in the Jardin Room with the other new releases from Guernica including Lorne Elliot. Remember him? Reading some time between 4 and 5:30 pm. You can google the Festival April 2 when the site goes live and see what it's all about. I believe there is a link for launches. Yep, I'll be rubbing elbows with international authors, publishers, agents, illustrators, poets, etc. I'm not a literary groupie but even I can be impressed! Haven't been to Montreal since 1998 so it will be emotional. A lot of things have changed. I always wanted to write about that time in Montreal, the late sixties before it was forgotten and I did. Thank you to you and VC Connections for sharing their memories.

Then May 25 I head off to Toronto for the second launch at the Supermarket Restaurant and Bar, reading at 4 pm

June 12 is the Edmonton launch at Audreys bookstore between 7 and 9.

June 24 reading at the Glass Door Coffee House Reading series here in Edmonton.

Beginning of November I will be reading in Calgary at Owl's Nest with another Calgary author and a short book tour en route stopping through Red Deer and Lethbridge. Hoping to get to BC in the new year.

I have also been invited to talk about my novel at a book club April 8 and another in the fall. The fall gig dates are still to be determined. 

How is your sister and her book doing?

Take care,


BobB said...

Congratulations Dolly. I'm really looking forward to reading Loddy Dah.

BobB said...

My copy of Loddy Dah has been ordered. Expecting delivery May 21 according to the store..

Looking forward to it.


Les_F said...

I'm sure Dolly appreciates the support, kudos to her for her tenacity in sticking with her project. The work involved is incredible & quite honestly Canada doesn't really do enough to encourage homegrown talent. That is why it is such a good feeling when those artists & talents achieve their goals...Cheers to them all. -LesF