Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Verdun Girl doing alright: "Leica Photo Gallery" on Broadway in NYC for 6 Weeks will showcase Ted Grant's photos as well as Thelma's book about him.

Thelma Fayle ( grew up in Verdun/Montreal) after having a successful Canadian book launch this past fall at the University of Victoria auditorium which was filled to capacity .Will now have the American launch of her book in New York City on Broadway no less , at the famous Leica Galleries.
-her book titled    "Ted Grant 60 years of Legendary Photojournalism" will be showcased along with many of Ted Grant's actual photographs ( many of which are in the book as well) Ted & Thelma will be there too. Here is the cover of the book :
the following is an article written this past November re: the book.

Ted Grant: Sixty Years of Legendary Photojournalism

Sixty Years - a book about Dr Ted Grant and his photographs
Sixty Years – a book about Dr Ted Grant and his photographs
Vancouver November 16, 2013. PHSC member Dr Ted Grant sent me a note today mentioning his recent book Sixty Years of Legendary Photojournalism. Written by Thelma Fayle with a forward by two prominent conservatives, ex-Prime Minister Joe Clark and his wife Maureen McTeer. The book is available in either traditional paper format or the new eBook style. Both are Published by Heritage House.
I looked up a cover shot of the book and who was featured, but none other than Liberal ex-Prime Minister, the late Pierre Trudeau sliding down a banister! So if you have tired of the shenanigans here in Toronto (where Ford is a four lettered word…) then take a read and peek at this wonderful paperback – 8×10 inches in size and  224 pages long.

“In 2014 Ted Grant’s one man exhibition from the book and a launch to the USA photo community will be opened in the LEICA GALLERY in New York, 25 April 2014 with a 4 month gallery showing! At this point in time the book is a smashing success with well over 300 copies sold in a single hour at the book launch! :-). 
“The book will introduce this photographer who basically unknown by name, but many can recall  his famous photographs like that of Pierre Trudeau sliding down the stair case railing of the Chateau Laurie Hotel in Ottawa, or Ben Johnson’s winning moment  at the 88 Seoul Summer Olympics (as fleeting as it was)!”

To learn more about Dr. Ted Grant ,and his exhibition in the Big Apple next year, visit Heritage House. PS. it is a real pleasure to see three PHSC members, each with a book related to photography and in print at the same time!
           the following info is from this blog Verdun Connections:
   Also here is a link to the LEICA GALLERY website, if some of you are in the big apple at that time you may want to see there exhibits or see the Ted Grant photos on display in the Main Hall.
      670 Broadway , New York , New York 10012
      1-212 -777-3051            http://en.leica-camera.com/culture/galleries/gallery_new_york/

    Conratulations to both Thelma Fayle & Ted Grant  we hope the rest of your tour is a great success.

      Let's try to support another talent from Verdun / Montreal & read her book ,also learn about the man behind some of the worlds famous ( at least very recognizable to many of us)  photographs,

                                                       Cheers ! Have Fun & Remember Verdun ......-LesF

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