Wednesday, February 26, 2014

link to the "In Memoriam" page I will repost this periodically, to make it easier to find

                                                                                                                                                                 It seems many people stop by & look at our old "In Memoriam" page , so I am posting this quick refereance via this link, which will bring you right to the ever growing list. I hope family & friends of those that have carried on ahead of us, will at least get a chance to remember their loved one & maybe just smile & recall all the neat things they learned from those that have passed.


 now the above link is just a bit quicker , and every so often I will post it again just to bump it to the top again ,However if you look in the top left hand corner of this blog site ,you will see a little search window ,where you can type in things like "In Memoriam" and it will lead you to that blog, type in Natatorium or whatever words you think may be here & it just might make things quicker for you, or you can select at the very bottom of the opening page for thios blog any year listed & that will allow you to see some older posts.....from the old Verdun Connections site (which was on the MSN network originally , then on the now defunct Multiply network) many of the stories came through but many of the pictures/photographs have not successfully made the trip over to here. I do have a lot of the old photographs saved over the years ,but I just have not got around to going through every story and repost the appropriate photo. besides logistics of the job ie: time wise, it would rely heavily on my being able to remember what picture went with what story.
                                                              Cheers ! & I hope you enjoy cruising through the stories, this blog doesn't require membership like the old VC site did, & I get to see the daily traffic (which is quite surprisingly active) but some people have joined which I thank you, by joining you just get notified when I post something instead of just by surfing by & finding us by happenstance.
 Anyway you choose is fine by me,.....all comments await me having to Ok them before they are posted, this is just to keep the site clear of the cyber-ads, & lunatics mass posting to everywhere.
                                              So Have Fun & Remember Verdun

     I still do not rule out ,opening another site one day or at least expanding this one, but I hate FB, and it seems there are no real decent alternatives that allow you privacy as well as provide good features like storage of Photos ,or videos etc etc   \so what you see is what you get for now, Thanks - LesF

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