Monday, December 23, 2013

The 'Pav' a little history from Verdun

The "Pav" as we knew it was a hangout for most Verdun teens growing up in the 40's 50's 60's I seem to recall it closing for good around 1968. Here is a pdf file I came across on the net regarding the buildings history...I do have some photos of it around somewhere but for now I will leave you with the link to the pdf file.....Cheers ! - LesF


michel beaulac said...

Hey I was born In Verdun and raides there until 53. Looking for the Green brothers Michael and Brian out neughbors on Osborne :)

Les_F said...

Thanks for your post Michel, right now I am using this blog as storage for some of our old posts from an old MSN groups site, and then the Multiply groups network, both of which are out of that business of hosting groups. I will in time start posting more often & then open the site to more people. Right now I believe there are some Verdun sites on other social networks which may be better to help you contact your old friends. Again thanks for stopping by. Cheers -LesF