Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ben Karlstrom ( who ? Just Listen He's Incredible) doing Pink Floyd's "Hey You"

Have listen to this song, Ben Karlstrom plays each instrument & then mixed the whole thing himself, not to mention did a fantastic job just making the video......
  ps: He & his wife Geri Karlstrom did my favourite parody song in the previous post " Der's a lot of Dat"  it just shows they like to have a laugh ,and are extremely professional as well.
 Kudo's to you both...............Amazing talent (imho)


Also in the previous post "Der's a lot of Dat"  a fellow named Matt Baird did the scratching, I can't say I've been a fan of most scratching records,but you have to admit he's good too.....

   However I digress, enjoy this Pink Floyd tune "Hey You" by Ben Karlstrom
           Cheers !

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