Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Transparency in Governent (means we can 'Clearly' see they are Thieves

Move over Mulroney, Harper is about to challenge for your title of 'worst PM Ever of Canada'
I have faith in Brian remaining the worst, ( when you have a book pointed at you named On the Take , then you certainly have an
 but Stevie boy's Nose is growing quicker than Pinochio' this case though Stevie is the puppet master (puppeteer if you will) pulling all the strings and manipulating his staff, and his appointees................ahhh !   Stevie baby, your hands must be deep in the cookie jar too, we just don't know how deep yet.  How about next election we change this 'transparent' govt.


                                             (photo found on internet at this address: some may find interesting stories here,check it out if you like  

                         Steve basically a tyrant and self serving dictator, who doesn't seem to believe in free speech........................Wake Up Canada & Let's get rid of this guy soon .

         Yes Mr Mulroney your title is being challenged.......... geez what is it with Conservative parties, not content to help Canadians but rather themselves, this seems to go back to Dief (remember the Avro Arrow, hmmmmmm. then Mulroney ,now Stevie boy's regime.) None of these people did anything to help Canadians but sure did a lot to help their friends both in & outside of Canada not to mention Themselves.

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